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Curtain Cleaning & Mildew Removal Services Auckland Wide

Our team at Textile Curtain Cleaning has been trusted by locals and businesses to provide a high standard of curtain and blind cleaning for the last 20 years.

During this time we’ve come across a few questions which are asked frequently. See if we can answer your questions below and feel free to give us a call on 09 473 5350 if your question has not been answered!



Why should we clean our curtains?


Because mildew and mould are known health hazards contributing to many health conditions respiratory disorders, for example asthma

How long will it take?


2-3 nights depending on the type of fabric. We can provide you with temporary curtains at no charge to ensure your privacy

Will there be shrinkage?

All curtain manufacturers will warn of potential shrinkage of between 3 to 5%.  We cannot guarantee against shrinkage but our system is designed to minimise the risk by hanging the curtains/ blinds at all stages, using a cold wash and air dry with no agitation or heat to stress the curtain fabric.

Will cleaning prevent mildew and mould from coming back?

Unfortunately, no. Mildew growth is inevitable with Auckland’s climate. We guarantee to return your curtains and blinds free of mildew and its spores.

Do you clean cushion covers/blankets/umbrellas?

No. We specialise in window coverings – curtains and fabric blinds only.

How do you price for curtain and blind cleaning?


Our pricing structure is simple and transparent. Our prices include our taking down and rehanging your curtains/blinds, mildew removal and GST.

If you deliver and collect your curtains and blinds from us, we reduce our prices by 20%

For curtains, pricing is determined by the height (length) of the curtain, and the number of widths of fabric in the curtain. If there is no seam (eg. sheers), then measure 1.2m from the hem of the curtain.

For a standard ranch slider or French door height between 1.9-2.1m, we charge $35.50 per width. Shorter curtains will cost less per width, and longer curtains slightly more. If we are dealing with fabrics such as linens, silk, hemp or velvets the price per width may be slightly more.

For blinds, there should be strings approximately every 30cm across the back of the blind. For blinds up to 1.5m in height, we work on $17.50 per string

Blinds that are longer than this will be slightly more per string.

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Do you do repairs to curtains/blinds?

We restring and repair Roman and Austrian blinds, and can happily recommend expert local services to undertake curtain repairs, relining etc.

Can you store my curtains/blinds?

Yes, we offer an initial period of 2 weeks storage free of charge, after which, there is a small charge for storage.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque and credit card payments (except American Express and Diner’s Club). If you wish to pay online, this can be done by prior arrangement.

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“We appreciate the brilliant job that you did on our curtains. They do look wonderful! Thanks”

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